Manual conversion of a word file

Convert Word to PDF Easily in 2 way.Let’s see.

If you want to know how to convert word documents to pdf without any complications and formalities then you are surely in the right place as today we are going to tell you all about the best word to pdf conversion techniques and tools. In this context, we are also going to introduce you to the various aspects of this document conversion so we expect you to stay tuned and make sure that you are reading this content till the very end if you want to know all about how and why word to pdf conversion can be done and why it is so much important!

Importance of word to pdf conversion!

Before we tell you about the two main methods of converting a word file to pdf we want you to know about some of the limitations of a word file which makes it important for us to convert it to pdf, all of these limitations are important enough to be considered for the conversion of a file:

  • The first thing that you should know about a word file is that it has a lousy format and if you open the same file on different devices having the same or different versions of MS word then you will see that the content format would simply be ruined. You should know that every device on which word works has its layout and presentation.
  • You should know that word files are not at all secure, and one cannot share any kind of sensitive and confidential information on this format. Everyone can edit word files without the permission of the author, which makes the format unsafe and unprofessional for sharing.
  • You must know that word files are larger if you compare them with pdf files having the same content. You should know that if you are low on storage, then it can be because of the bulk of word files that you are having on your storage space.
  • Word files cannot be compressed, nor their size can be reduced if you try to do so, then you should know that it will simply tackle the formatting of the original content. Furthermore, you should know that word formats cannot cater to different types of files in them like media and infographics.
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All of these reasons can tell you how important it is to convert a word file to pdf, but the question is how to do it, below we have discussed the top two conversion methods!

How to convert word documents to pdf file!

Here are the different methods using which you can convert a word file to pdf without any restrictions.

Online Word to Pdf Converter

The first and most accepted method of the modern age is the online conversion method using third-party tools. The word to pdf converter by Duplichecker is one of the finest tools on the web. This online word to pdf converter is a free tool that is very reliable in its use, and this docs to pdf converter can convert any size of word file to pdf and without any limits.

Online Word to Pdf Converter
Online Word to Pdf Converter

You can convert hundreds of files to pdf daily. You must also know that your content is not saved by the other tool and this is the safest way of conversion. You just have to upload the word file and push the ‘convert to pdf’ button. A new downloadable version would be ready in a few seconds with the same format of content!

Manual conversion of a word file

First, we would tell you about the manual conversion method; this method is best if you don’t have an internet connection to support your conversion. We want you to know that this word to pdf conversion is quite simple, but the only reason it is avoided is that it can take a lot of time and effort to convert a single file let alone if you talk about batch conversions. Well if you have only one file or a few files that you have to convert once then this method can be good enough for you.

  • Open the word file on your device and enable its editing access.
  • Now when you do so the file, and the content in it would open up to you, in the document format you would see the ‘file’ button in the ribbon on the top left corner. You have to click on it.
  • Clicking on the ‘file’ button will direct you to a whole new window or section where you have to look for the option that says ‘save as’.
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Manual conversion of a word file
Manual conversion of a word file
  • Use this option to get to the saving page of the MS word, here you can simply select a new location for the file and can change its format to pdf then hit the save button.
Manual conversion of a word file
Manual conversion of a word file
  • Your file would be saved in pdf!

This is the end of another awesome article. You learn how to convert word to pdf easily in few steps. If you have got any question then feel free to contact us or leave a comment below.

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