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Top 9 Best URL Shortener Websites To Earn Money

Hey, Guys so you are looking to make money from URL shortening, so there are many websites allows services to shrink URLs. URL-shortening services allow you to make cash when you use them to shorten long URLs from various websites.
You can post shortened URLs on your blog, website, social media channels like Twitter, Facebook, or any other social network when belonging to. Once your visitors click on the shortened URLs, you can generate income from every click-through.  So this is very easy to make money online.

How Can You Earn Cash From This URL Shortening Providers?

  • Sign up with desired websites shorter providers below.
  • Copy your links and make short URLs from your account.
  • Share your short URL anyplace with your friends, social media, websites, download links.

How do I benefit from VPS in making money? (Opens in a new browser tab)

  • Whenever somebody clicks these shortened links,  they will go through some short 5 to 15 seconds advertisements.
  • After this, he will skip the ad and look at the link that was hidden behind that short link.
  • That’s it, whenever someone goes through this advertisement once clicking, you’re paid. So it is a rapid way to make money online.

1)  ADF.LY is one of the world largest web site that allows you to shrink your URL, it’s no different from alternative such websites like,,, however, the difference is that they can give you a fixed part of cash against and they and that they have ad twist.
They’re going to pay you $5 against 1,000 visitors, mean to say that if 1,000 peoples visit your shrink URL then they will give you $5.
Payout = 5$

2) Shorte.St is a new URL shortening company and It will give you $2 per 1000 views for promoting Shorten URL and the minimum cash out is 5$. If you are not satisfied with payout then you can earn money from referral system It will give you 20% commissions on referrals. is a user friendly and you can securely get your payment through Paypal and Payoneer. You can check our review here.

3) Cashfly.Com

They’re a free web link shortening service with a twist. Every time one of your links is shared with someone else on the Internet, you get paid! It’s that easy, simply register for an account then start linking. Each time someone visits one of your links – YOU GET PAID.
Linkshrink pays 2$ to 5$ and the minimum payout is 5$. Through a referral system, you can get a 10% commission from your referral. It is the best and innovative company which pays good rates to its customers. You can register free and earn money to share your links on the internet.

6) Ouo.Io is another fastest growing new network with amazing features and services. Ouo.iooffer up to $5 per 1000 views and they guaranties for a minimum of $1.50 for 1000 views. Minimum Payout is $5 via PayPal and other payment methods are also available. Why wait just sign up now for this network to make money.

7) CC.CC

CC.CC is another URL shorten and screen capture service based on CPM. First, you have to Short your URL and then you can share your URL any place. The CC.CC pays CPM rate of around $9 and the minimum payout is $5.

8) Gcash is another URL short network to make money. This is the fastest-growing network just because they offer better rates, features, and interface which attract users. You can earn up to $10 from for 1000 views. Minimum Payout is $5 via Paypal. So don’t wait to sign up now.

9) P.Pw is a URL shortening company and the easiest way to earn money online. Create an account and share your short URL on websites, blogs, social media, forums, etc and you will get paid. The pays 1$ to 3$ per 1000 views and the minimum payout is 5$ which is best than some other companies. You will get paid by sharing your links on the web you can register free on and earn money online without any skills just by sharing your links. You can also get a commission from your referrals. SO join this network to earn some handsome cash.
I hope you like these URL shortener’s websites to make money. Do you want to share more websites to make money from URL shorteners please do share in the comments below?

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