Andrzej Sapkowski’s New Witcher E book Will get Unlock Window

The Witcher writer Andrzej Sapkowski has given enthusiasts a liberate window for the extremely expected subsequent e-book within the sequence, along a conceivable tease of its tale.

As reported by way of IGN Poland, Sapkowski mentioned right through Comedian Con Vienna that the following e-book, which these days lacks a identify, will arrive international in early 2025 following a debut in its local Poland in past due 2024.

Recognized for his dry and sarcastic humour, Sapkowski additionally shared a temporary tease as to what the tale would possibly contain. “[Netflix] made a chain in keeping with one quick tale. They pressured me to proceed,” he mentioned. “I am not complaining. Due to this, I now manage to pay for for the hire.”

Sapkowski pronouncing Netflix is making a chain in keeping with one quick tale is not moderately correct, however the streaming provider did simply announce the animated movie Sirens of the Deep previous in November 2023, which is in keeping with a unmarried quick tale. Season 1 of the Netflix display may be in keeping with a selection of The Witcher quick tales written by way of Sapkowski, whilst Season 2’s opening episode is in keeping with the A Grain of Reality quick tale.

Whilst it is a long way from showed, the likeliest candidate is Sirens of the Deep, which already appears to be like to incorporate content material now not from the fast tale it is in keeping with, A Little Sacrifice. It is subsequently conceivable Sapkowski is writing a follow-up or extension of that tale, which options Geralt of Rivia, his best possible good friend Dandelion, and a rival bard referred to as Essi Daven.

Heartbroken from his first break-up with Yennefer, Geralt travels The Continent with Dandelion sooner than the pair come throughout Essi. The 3 then mediate a lover’s quarrel between a prince and a mermaid that appears to develop much more intense within the Netflix adaptation.

Essi has lengthy been a fan favorite persona, so an extension of her tale would most likely be welcome to enthusiasts of The Witcher. It additionally suits expectancies the following e-book will inform an aspect tale that does not without delay impact the primary Witcher saga, that is informed all the way through 5 books and is tailored as of Season 2 of the Netflix display. This was once the case with the former Witcher e-book, Season of Storms, which launched in 2013 and informed a self-contained tale of Geralt years sooner than the primary saga.

Now not handiest does Geralt’s tale come to a reasonably definitive result in the primary saga, however a (technically unofficial) development has already taken position thru the CD Projekt sport sequence, which takes position within the few years following the books.

Whilst those are the one actually canonical entries in The Witcher franchise, the universe has now advanced a long way past the unique e-book sequence. The sport trilogy (and a number of other incoming sequels and spin-offs) are joined by way of the Netflix display, a comedian e-book sequence, a tabletop RPG, manga, or even a cookbook.

Ryan Dinsdale is an IGN freelance reporter. He’s going to discuss The Witcher all day.

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