All photos on Facebook + + + Wall posts messages Backup

Hi everyone, hope all is well. Is not it? If you think your life is dear Facebook hack your information will be lost? Mateo brother. Now you too can easily backup all your Facebook. Keep these things in your own PC.

All your photos
All notes
Wall Posts
All Video
All the massage
All comments on the film
All comments on the photo album
Friend List
Some of these can keep the backup. If you know how to keep a backup.

Click on Account in the upper right side of the Account Settings. In the meantime go
Now look at the bottom reads “Download a copy of your Facebook data” and click on it
Another window is now “Start My Archive” click between
Then again, “Start My Archive” by clicking between the “okey” and click enter.
To start downloading now “Pending ….” Will be written. If downloading has begun to be understood. It will take a long time to complete your profile if you took a picture of me two hours. Once you download an e-mail to the fall of that. You must download it from the mail. will the file, unzip it. Sitar see everything inside your Facebook. Thanks.

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