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Nowadays, I’d like to speak about accessibility trying out the usage of Playwright.

Accessibility trying out refers to comparing internet packages or web sites for compliance with accessibility requirements, making sure that they may be able to be utilized by other folks with disabilities. Present pointers and different requirements associated with internet accessibility Listed here are the hyperlinks to them:

The Accessibility Tree is utilized by assistive era to enhance or exchange the present UI for packages, in addition to translate operations carried out by way of the person into one thing that the applying understands.

The Accessibility Tree

Playwright supplies integrated enhance for accessibility trying out by way of exposing strategies and homes that permit you to engage with and investigate cross-check the accessibility options of internet components. You’ll be able to use Playwright’s API to retrieve details about a component’s accessibility homes, reminiscent of its position, title, state, and outline. This permits you to programmatically examine if the internet utility or web site meets the desired accessibility standards. Moreover, Playwright has enhance for producing accessibility reviews. You’ll be able to use the web page.accessibility.snapshot() option to seize a snapshot of the accessibility tree of a web page. The Playwright web page already has detailed documentation on the usage of accessibility for exams, in order that I received’t reproduction the entirety right here. Nonetheless, I’d like to concentrate on the bottlenecks and conceivable answers to a few issues that I had on one in every of my initiatives.


To check Accessibility the usage of Playwright, you want to moreover set up the @axe-core/playwright library, with the assistance of which scanning of the webpage will happen.

Library of axe-core

Awl is an accessibility trying out engine for web sites and different HTML-based person interfaces. It’s rapid, safe, light-weight, and was once constructed to seamlessly combine with any current take a look at atmosphere so you’ll automate accessibility trying out along your common practical trying out.

npm i @axe-core/playwright 


As you’ll see, the entirety occurs in 3 steps within the take a look at:

  1. Open the required web page.
  2. Scanning the usage of AxBuilder()
  3. Comparability of received and anticipated effects.

It is very important take into account that the scanning is in keeping with the main of images: if the web page has modal home windows or drop-down lists, they will have to first be opened to be examined. As well as, it’s value bearing in mind that the scan effects comprise now not simplest violations, so for an accurate comparability, you want to cross violations to be expecting(). If there’s a violation, after the take a look at, we can obtain a document with detailed details about the violated regulations and puts the place it came about, in addition to details about conceivable answers.

Configuration of the Analyzer

To get the optimum impact from trying out, the research may also be configured relatively flexibly. This impact is accomplished by way of the usage of strategies that permit you to set the extent of suggestions or a algorithm and right kind them by way of with the exception of inappropriate regulations from the test.

It’s also handy to exclude a definite a part of the web page from the take a look at and take a look at simplest the phase this is vital. For myself, I selected the next configuration, in which, come with() relying at the explicit take a look at, the desired selector or frame will likely be handed by way of default. Playwright gives numerous refined gear that can help you run extra complicated a11y exams. As an example, the AxeBuilder elegance gives quite a lot of awl setup configs. Those settings may also be laid out in using a Builder development.

Configuration of the Analyzer

Lighthouse for Accessibility Checking out

Lighthouse is an open-source, automatic software from Google for bettering the efficiency, high quality, and correctness of your internet apps. When auditing a web page, Lighthouse runs a barrage of exams towards the web page after which generates a document on how smartly the web page did. From right here, you’ll use the failing exams as signs of what you’ll do to beef up your app.

So that you can use Lighthouse in Playwright exams, you’ll use the playwright-lighthouse package deal.

Lighthouse for Accessibility Testing

In my task, I’ve created a TS spec document for the aim of operating at once towards Lighthouse.

running directly against Lighthouse


Similar method as for standard take a look at circumstances. Playwright helps the configuration of various reviews. In terms of accessibility exams, we simply wish to cross some more information to the take a look at itself.


As I mentioned earlier than, for my present task, I’ve a Lighthouse TS spec document, which I run from the command set in package deal.json.

npm run blank && npx playwright take a look at exams/lighthouse.spec.ts --project=chromium


Playwright, together with the @axe-core library, is a quite versatile and handy software for automatic accessibility trying out, even supposing it does now not quilt all of its wishes. As all the time, it is determined by what your task wishes. Playwright supplies easy methods to get admission to the accessibility tree of a web page, permitting you to programmatically analyze and validate the homes of internet components. This makes it more uncomplicated to spot and deal with accessibility problems.

Then again, it’s true that the effectiveness of the usage of any automation software is determined by who’s the usage of it, so all the time use it with commonplace sense.

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