2D Chicken Simulator options to be added | by means of Blank Interface Video games | Nov, 2023

Give a boost to Enemy Chicken AI

I’m lately including new options to the sport. Sooner or later the enemy chook within the recreation will be capable to accumulate worms, twigs and lay eggs. Competing with the principle chook you’re controlling. This will have to upload a welcome dynamic to the sport and in addition reinforce the Synthetic intelligence of the enemy to behave extra like a human participant.


I additionally idea from having a look so as to add the former components that in all probability a multiplayer could be a excellent the place the enemy chook would get replaced by means of some other participant on-line. This may make each avid gamers compete for sources and upload extra amusing to the sport. The objective like with unmarried participant could be to get as many birds hatched and fed as conceivable. In addition to gathering as a lot treasure as conceivable. You may be capable to land on some other participant to ship them crashing and in all probability they lose cash from every hit. The opposite participant may then accumulate those cash. Doubtlessly additionally scouse borrow eggs and birds hatched.


Taking a look so as to add textual content that displays your well being added while you accumulate it, additionally for collectable pieces akin to cash to turn how a lot cash has been added on your general amassed. I need the ranking to stretch when pieces are added additionally to signify to participant that it’s been added.

Taking a look so as to add an image indicating when worms and eggs may also be dropped. Recently you probably have 15 or extra well being you’ll be able to drop a bug. If in case you have 25 or extra well being you’ll be able to drop an egg. To make it clearer to the individual enjoying this is able to be a welcome function.

Including controls knowledge could be helpful for the top person additionally.

Computer virus Fixes

Taking a look to mend some insects which can be within the recreation.


Google Play (Android)


Assemble 2/3 Arcade

YouTube Gameplay Video

  • Reside like a chook, devour worms, lay a nest, lay eggs, hatch eggs, get treasure!
  • Acquire twigs, construct a nest with the twigs, drop an egg, hatch the egg by means of laying on it. Then feed the child chook and faucet treasure or accumulate it together with your chook !
  • Keep away from the enemy chook!
  • Land on best of the enemy chook to make him dizzy for a little so you’ll be able to hatch eggs, check out to not be below him on the other hand!
  • Try to get as many Birds and Eggs as conceivable!
  • Data your Top ranking


  • Faucet on display to fly!
  • Swipe right down to drop a bug! (15 Well being or extra)
  • dangle down on display to drop a Egg! (25 Well being or extra)
  • Faucet egg to hatch it when Chicken is on egg


  • Faucet Area bar to fly!
  • Up arrow to drop bug! (15 Well being or extra)
  • Down arrow to drop Egg! (25 Well being or extra)
  • Spacebar to hatch egg when your chook is on egg


​Faucet A Button to fly, hatch Eggs and navigate thru get started and Recreation over monitors

X Button for shedding Worms

B Button for shedding Eggs

Land on best of enemy chook to make him dizzy for a little so you’ll be able to hatch eggs, check out to not be below him on the other hand!

Constructed with Recreation Engine Assemble 3 / Assemble 2

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