[Full Guide] Earn 20 $ daily from adsense [Easy Method]

Earn Money From Google Adsense Without  Website or Blog!!
i have a great method for you to earn up to 20 $ daily and maybe more from adsense Just follow the steps–
* Requirements *
  • Adsense account-
  • Google plus & Reddit accounts
Let’s start
First Go Here >> reddit.com
check the top links
pick one of them(like a funny video )
Go To >> adfly
shorten the link you get from reddit ( the funny video or whatever)then you’ll get the new link like this
http://dapalan.com/KrIV this page contain 4 ADS ( 3 banners & 1 ad link )3 for u & 1 for the site ( 3 is pretty good )

Go to


join the max communities you can ( funny communities are the best ) and start posting your short link or you can do the same with facebook groups


u can post ur links in social media,forums,blog …to get a lot of hits and clicks also if u have blog put in it.


for those who have problem with display the adsplease check ur setting like this

finally guys i got paid

Have a good day!!


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