Ultimate Guide to Make Money From VPS

Ultimate Guide to Make Money From VPS

I have seen hell lot of threads asking “How to earn from vps” or “How to make profit from vps”, so here I post all the methods to make some money from a VPS. Remember that you can not just make $10+ a day, unless you have a lot of VPS or know the right methodology. This thread is a ‘little bit’ targeted to new-ish users. This thread will cover all types of methods. This will also be updated periodically. Please try the methods for a while and then see the results. You have to work to gain something. Using a mixture of this will be fruitful in the long term.

The first thing to do is to buy the VPS from a legit seller. I highly suggest to chose interserver VPS. They cost $4.6 for Windows, a 100% Reliable (No Downtime), Renewable (So Less Time Investment Monthly), No SCAM Probability, Bulk Availability, Fully Controllable (Control Panel), High Specifications (No Lag), Sufficient Bandwidth and totally fit for your use plus long term. A lot of people use it though they may not reveal they do. People also resell the VPS elsewhere. You can buy trial VPS if you have less money to start or you only want to test on how to work with VPS. There are a lot of sites too which are offering discount ‘Legit’ VPS. So keep looking the ‘Latest Threads’ for new opportunities. Always look for the Trade with Caution sign and reputation before trading.

InterServer Web Hosting and VPS

The Well Known Method: PTP (Paid to Promote)

PTP is the most used method to earn. You earn by running traffic exchange on your VPS day and night and than promote a special link.
I will not elaborate on it as many PTP die soon, so it gets harder to keep the guide updated.
PTP with rate of $2/1000 impressions are also high paying.

Selling Accounts

You can keep running HitLeap or OTOHits on your VPS. They both provide High Quality views. You can make a couple of accounts, earn minutes/points on them and sell them here. You can do this with any traffic exchange. The sites listed above are merely examples.


Selling/Using Traffic

Instead of selling whole accounts, you can just earn minutes/points on one account. After you accumulate a lot of points then you can sell views/traffic here on TBN or anywhere else. $0.3/1000 views is the rate starting price but it is all up to your wish.

You can also use some of the traffic to send views to your own site. For Example, I use A-Ads on one of my sites which receives decent traffic. But I also send some traffic from myself. It pays in BTC only everyday and you don’t even need to sign up. So I earn 0.0001-0.01 BTC everyday. Though it isn’t my main income, it is a good method for passive earning. I can then use that spare BTC to buy more VPS and earn more multiplying my earnings exponentially.

Traffic for YouTube can also be used but most traffic exchanges fail in that arena. WebSyndic though works better. More on that later.

Renting resources

You can run a software which utilize your idle system resources and gives you money. One of the most famous one is Slicify. A lot of VPS Providers prohibit it but you can use it. I recommend not to store your personal data in it as someone can get access to it. Another one is the recently launched Ziddu Pay App. Another famous one is the GomezPeerZone Client. They have been paying via PayPal and have decent payment proofs.

Running 1 VPS may not profit that much but running 25+ VPS is very profitable when you combine the above methods with it and run simultaneously.


This is only profitable if you buy VPS in bulk. Suppose you bought a VPS for $6 for 1 month, you can sell it for $5 for 20 days (If its Worth It) and easily make back the money you invested. After 20 days, you can use it for yourself by using it for any of the methods listed here. You can resell interserver VPS for a tad bit higher price here on TBN, any forum, personal website (Recommended) or anywhere else. They are cheap, so you have a scope for more profit. You may also search for a small scale company or startup who needs VPS’s and you may get a contract with them thus leaving you with great profits which you can either spend or buy more VPS.

Maybe you got your hands on a method for trial VPS like Amazon and Azure, you can sell them for short duration here if you aren’t sure of their legitimacy or how long they will last.


You can either host your own site or sell someone hosting on your server. This is really done only by the people who have good knowledge of languages (Java, HTML NOT English :smug:) and computers. It would not directly profit you, but you can show ads on your site (If it is popular enough) or you can sell hosting (If you have enough resources).
You can host faucets and display ads from from A-Ads and other Bitcoin Advertising Networks. Thus you earn in BTC and spend BTC with an increasing profit with complete anonymity.


You can run different types of bots of different types of sites. The benefit of these is that you can run a lot of bots in the background while performing other things. a lot of good bots are available here on TBN. Again, this will not directly profit you. You can run traffic exchanges with these bots .

The most easy method to automate sites like GPT and PPC is to use IMacros. Its very easy to use and learn and is noob-friendly. You will get to understand and use it soon. The tutorials for its use are very easy and lets you perform bulk tasks by making your own botting scripts very easily.

YouTube Services Bots/Exchangers

You can run social exchanges/bots for YouTube for your own channel or to sell to others. This is highly profitable if you can amass good amount of points and sell to others. People are always looking to buy likes, subscribers and especially views. I personally use YTMonster for views, YouLikeHits for subscribers and EnhanceViews for likes. I use three services due to their efficiency and cheapness in their provided specialties. It is your wish what to use. You can find the latest prices the aforementioned services are being sold for here, on TBN. Besides that they offer other social exchangers too, like Facebook, Twitter, Soundcloud etc, though they aren’t that popular/beneficiary for us. Also you can mix your service with a cheap YouTube Views providing service like QQTube. It costs just $0.9/k.

YTMonster (There are IMacros scripts for it, here)
YouLikeHits (There is a working bot for it, here XD)

Proxy/Virtual Private Network

If you have a cheap VPS and are using your method but still have spare bandwidth, you can run a software to use the VPS as a Proxy or VPN. All your applications would be running as is and you can sell the proxy for a few extra bucks. This is profitable too if you have Linux VPS and can only run few traffic exchanges and then rest of the bandwidth is being wasted.
This is also profitable if you got a free VPS or a cheap deal like a 1-cent VPS and don’t know what to do.


You can mine Bitcoin, Dogecoin or any other cryptocurrency on your VPS. Most VPS Providers don’t allow mining. Mining is considered CPU abuse and your VPS may go down because of it. You should verify that if your VPS supports mining.
If you go for mining, I suggest to look for high CPU/GPU power VPS.


This wouldn’t directly make you money. Brute-Forcing archives and networks is a practice done by a fraction of people. They take money to crack a password and run Brute-Force on their VPS’s. This may get your VPS closed. Use with high caution. Scanning ports to hack more VPS can also be done. Then they can be sold somewhere, though this kind of thing isn’t allowed on TBN and you will be banned.

One way to earn $1-$100 per day:-

As said before, the earning depends on amount of VPS you possess. It can be $1 per day for a single VPS or can be $100 per day for 40-50+ VPS. Though it will take time for you to set the VPS(s) up at the starting of every month, it will be worth it.

  1. Install Hitleap and Otohits Autosurfs (+Any others you want that consume less power). I assume you installed Chrome/Firefox and will run autosurfs on it too.
  2. Get into Rogue Club and use their bots + Use any IMacros for GPT/PTC. You can then sell the Gift Cards you earn or cashout the profit whatever the respective site offers.
  3. Make a proxy out of your VPS and sell it as a shared proxy. You can sell on any forum.
  4. If you have good computing power, run Jingling. You get a lot of traffic but most of the time, you should use it for yourself as people do not buy it. Also if you have great computing power, you can rent resources as mentioned above.
  5. Use traffic for your site with any ad network plus sell the traffic. Also keep racking accounts with around 100k minutes to sell. Higher amount of minutes can also be accumulated but it may get hard to find buyers.

You can perform a couple of methods together to make enough money for starting. I didn’t mention mining or hacking though you can make your own mix. I once had 100+ VPS and it took a few really boring hours to set them up but the return was pretty hefty.

The trick in the beginning should be that you at least recover what you invested, and make little profits. Invest the profits to generate more money. And you will grow.





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