Google Has Introduced An Amazing Site Kit Tool For WordPress Users

Site Kit By Google for any WordPress website is an amazing tool which every WordPress Site owner would love to have. It has been a daunting task for many online publishers to manage different insights on their websites. Not it has been made easy by one and only Google. Google has introduced a Site Kit Tool for WordPress which have a prebuilt dashboard if you install it in your WordPress Site.

This Site Kit Tool will have all the insight tools and revenue information which will be generated by Adsense. Rather than managing all things from different platforms. This Google Site Tool Kit will merge them all in one dashboard and you can have all the vital information of your website in one place.


Site Kit by Google For WordPress.

It is a very exciting news for all business owners and publishers whose all business relies on the online field. Now you can easily have all the insights of your business and performance in one roof. Google has developed an open source and free plugin for all WordPress users, so they can manage all the insights easily from their WordPress Dashboard.

An ideal plugin developed specifically for the purpose of making all in one feature of insights and analytics. What all WordPress site owners would do is, they will go on each different platform, open different tabs and check their site working, analytics, revenue and search console to check site performance.

Managing all these things can be difficult, keeping all those things in mind Google came out with a plugin to maintain all those different services under one dashboard with one plugin.

Main Things Covered In Site Kit By Google Plugin For WordPress
In the very first Site Kit By Google plugin, they have covered the main four Google Tools which is very much essential for any WordPress site owner. So now on you do not need to check them separately. Just install the plugin and have all the information in your WordPress Dashboard.

Search Console:

Search Console:
Google Has Introduced An Amazing Site Kit Tool For WordPress Users

Search Console is no doubt the very important tool when it comes to indexing your whole site in Google Search Engine. After installing this plugin you will have all the information of your website from Search Console into your WordPress Dashboard. Now you can see everything about your site index status, any messages and check overall performance of the site.

Google Has Introduced An Amazing Site Kit Tool For WordPress Users in WordPress Dashboard

Google Analytics:

Another very important tool which is integrated into this amazing Site Kit by Google. Get all the information about the performance of your site. Check how much users are visiting your site. This is a very important statistics which every site owner would want to have a deep look. Check traffic source and how much visitors and from where you got all the visitors in your WordPress Dashboard.

Google Adsense:

A dream of every online content maker to earn big income each month from Google Adsense. This is an amazing platform which many of the blogging specialists used to monetize their sites. Now you can setup Adsense and monetize your earnings easily with this awesome Site Kit by Google.

Pagespeed Insights:

There has been a lot of debate about the speed of a site. It is considered to be one of the 200 factors of Google rankings. Now with this Site Kit by Google plugin, you can easily see the site performance and makes any changes to get the maximum results. The more speed of the site to load, the more user-friendly it will be. So it is the factor which should not be ignored by any WordPress Site owner.

With this amazing Site Kit by Google Plugin for WordPress just imagine how much time and effort his plugin will safe. By far it is the best plugin which any online business owner should have in their WordPress Site to ease their work.

You can have all advanced reports and links to all other Google products from your WordPress dashboard. It is not in the testing phase and it will be available for beta testing in early 2019. You can request early access and test it in your site and give all feedback to Google about this tool.


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