15 Things You Did Not Know Your Mac Can Do Other Than Computing..

Macs may be expensive but they are incredible computers that you might choose it as your next computer. Mac runs on Mac OS X that makes people happy not by its computation or processor but also from the exciting and helpful features. Macs are simple to use and reliable and has scored high customer satisfaction.
Apple uses only top quality components so if it is expensive, Mac worth the price. Apple optimizes both hardware and software and this machine not only looks great but also runs great.
Mac provides amazing features that will surprise you. So, I am sharing you some hidden amazing features that will surprise you, have a look.

15 Things you did not know your Mac can do other than computing

1. Dictation type with voice

Dictation works well on Mac means just speak and system will write down all your words on the notepad. You don’t need any extra software or hardware for this. This awesome feature of Mac called Enhanced Dictation. With this, you can continue dictating your text, edit while it is being recorded.voce
To enable Enhanced Dictation, simply go to Setting –> Dictation and Speech and then click on the checkbox Use Enhanced Dictation.

2. Built-in Emoji

Have you ever tried to insert emojis in between the texts? If you have used in Windows then you might know, you need to remember the combination of keys to get any emojis. But Mac comes with built-in emojis like the ones you have in iOS. In order to open special character windows, click on CTRL +⌘ +Space and choose emoji that you need.emoi

3. Digitally sign Documents

You can save digital version of signature on Mac and then use it to sign your documents. Make your digital signature by signing it on white piece of paper and launch its preview and then open Preferences Menu and select Signatures.sign

4. Customize shortcuts

In Mac you can save keystrokes via customizable shortcuts. You can set up text replacements shortcuts through System Setting and then select Language & Region followed by Keyboard Setting and then select Text, press + to add a new shortcut.

5. Disable notification with just one click

Nothing is more annoying than the unnecessary notification. If notification is constantly bothering you then you can disable it by simply holding   and press Notification center icon from the Menu bar.

6. Hide Window

It is just amazing thing that you can hide any window in Mac by pressing command Button and H. Click Command button along with M to minimize all the apps currently running on the system. This feature is important if you want to hide something from someone, say you are in office and feel like your boss is behind you, just use this features and hide windows like Facebook, Twitter.hide

7. Create more space with Retina Display

If you have Mac with Retina Display then you can use scale screen in order to have more space to work with. To get more space, visit the setting and adjust the display scaling.

8. Open Finder folder in new window

In order to open folder in new tab or new window, simply double-click it while holding ⌘ from your Chrome, Safari or Firefox browser.

9. Hot Corners

Hot Corners lets you trigger certain events just by touching the corner of display screen, Open it by going to Setting –> System Preferences –> Desktop & Screen Saver –>Screen Saver Tab and click Hot Corners.

10. Quickly summarize text

Mac allows you to quickly summarize long paragraphs of text in few seconds. In order to summarize, select the text, right-click on the same and click on Summarize. Enable this option by Services –> Services Preferences –> and then Summarize.summ

11. Put at the front of Print Queue

Printing of documents is common. If you want to always be the first in the print queue then rather than sending documents to just one printer, select all the printers and this will print your document from the printer that will be available first. For this, go to System Preferences –>Printers & Scanners, select printer from the network and create printer pool; next time when you come to print document, select printer pool.

12. Conserve your battery

In Mac, it is extremely easy to watch out which applications are hogging the most power.

13. Restrict account

You can restrict any account, what it can do and what not directly from the Parental Controls on your Mac. As administrator, login to your account and go to System Preferences followed by Parental Controls.

14. Tap between all controls

Click on All controls from the bottom of the keyboard in System Preferences.w

15. Preview any file with space bar

Mac allows you to preview any file without even opening it, just select the file and press the space for its preview. Again press it to close the review. This works efficiently when you have tons of images and want to have a quick look to them.

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