10 Video games With The Very best Artwork Course In 2023

Lengthy long past are the times when visible excellence in video games used to be related to graphical constancy, realism, and uncooked technical prowess (‘Can it play Crysis? Yeah, extra like can it play… Why-sis?). Because the relentless growth of online game graphics has bogged down in newer generations, and as indie builders have discovered increasingly more spectacular tactics to make video games glance stunning on restricted budgets, it is turn out to be extra fascinating to speak about recreation visuals in an inventive context somewhat than a technical one, don’tcha suppose?


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That is not to mention you’ll be able to’t have video games which might be each graphical powerhouses and inventive achievements, and we have were given an excellent few of the ones in our DualShockers Definitives end-of-year Most sensible 10 for artwork path, however the giant lesson here’s that luxuries like ray-tracing don’t seem to be required for a recreation to polish.

Disclaimer: Those scores are in line with an instantaneous vote put out to DualShockers’ 100+ members, writers, and editors, no longer our particular person opinions.

10 Dredge

From the painterly idyll as your fishing boat pulls into protected harbors, to the yellows and pinks as nightfall looms, via to the otherworldy purples and blues of deep-sea monstrosities attacking you out at the uneven waters, cosy-fishing-game-meets-Lovecraftian-nightmare Dredge is, relatively merely, stunning.

Even the fishmongers and different people you engage with in cities brim with personality, with their furrowed, angular faces and haunted eyes, no longer totally in contrast to the similarly pretty Disco Elysium. The devs at Black Salt video games did an unbelievable task with restricted polygon counts to create a deeply atmospheric recreation that undulates like the sea between the enjoyable and terrifying.


March 31, 2023

Black Salt Video games

9 Disney Phantasm Island

Colourful and mawkish, Disney Phantasm Island takes the old-school Disney aesthetic and layers it with a brilliant, borderline psychedelic colour palette that brings those old-timey characters into the fashionable gaming generation. Our Audrey wrote of their evaluation that it ‘shines brilliant with persona, and the hand-drawn characters snazzily include every personality’s defining characteristics.”

Each and every of the sport’s distinct biomes—from the Engineering biome to the intergalactic Astrono—is turning with colour and eccentric humor constructed into the environments themselves. The sport seems stunning in movement too, from the inventive cutscenes to the intense poppy particle results as you certain joyfully around the display.

8 Darkest Dungeon 2

Depending on an oppressive colour palette of browns, reds, and blacks, Darkest Dungeon 2’s aesthetic is as foreboding as the sport itself. Each and every of your hero’s personality fashions oozes gritty get to the bottom of via their sunken eyes and arched eyebrows, whilst the Lovecraftian horrors within the titular dungeons show off some in point of fact harrowing designs—all tentacles and bones cranked into terrible positions and fleshy fungal mouths.

The Lovecraftian horrors within the titular dungeons show off some in point of fact harrowing designs.

What’s cool is that developer Pink Hook Studios in reality shook up the artwork taste from the unique recreation, shifting clear of the dinky characters against extra grownup, lifelike proportions, and uplifting the entire thing with pretty animations that deliver those intense turn-based battles to lifestyles.

7 Boulevard Fighter 6

Whilst you’re sitting on some of the a success preventing recreation franchises of all time, with the closing two video games within the sequence getting praised for the way they appeared (amongst many different issues), it’s a courageous determination to take issues in a brand new inventive path. However Boulevard Fighter 6 does that with self belief, reinvigorating the glance of the sequence by means of transforming the whole thing from the characters to the backgrounds with a extra earthy, realistically proportioned glance that feels in keeping with the rising adulthood of the sequence.


Boulevard Fighter 6 Evaluation: No longer On The Sidelines

A bombastic revival for Capcom’s cherished preventing sequence.

Boulevard Fighter 6’s animations are liquid-smooth, all at once making Boulevard Fighter 4 appear to be Play-Doh by means of comparability, whilst the backdrops thrum with lifestyles, from cherry blossom plants sprinkling the bottom, to Historic Sparta, a Vaudevillian Paris that glows with filament lights. The dramatic splashes of colourful paint with in particular intense strikes and combinations cements this as probably the most stunning Boulevard Fighter recreation to this point.

6 Octopath Traveler 2

Octopath Traveler, the sport that pioneered the beautiful HD-2D aesthetic, were given a sequel this 12 months that by some means manages to seem even higher than the unique. The wealthy three-D backgrounds and foregrounds (layered over with sprites and 2D textures to rouse that ‘90s nostalgia) are splendidly detailed, from dappled daylight trickling down via timber to wind kicking up mud—or snow within the recreation’s less warm climes—whilst no longer being overly busy, preserving that 16-bit mystique.

A sequel that by some means manages to seem even higher than the unique.

Octopath Traveler 2’s visible taste is adorned with extra dynamic digicam actions than the primary recreation, which upload cinematic aptitude in addition to letting you spot this pretty international of Sq. Enix’s advent in additional element than ever. The entire glance makes you’re feeling such as you’re in a dream about your absolute best early life JRPG reminiscences, and it’s little marvel that Sq. Enix is now making use of this taste to different video games like Big name Ocean: 2d Tale R (right here’s hoping they do it for Xenogears too).

5 Tremendous Mario Bros. Marvel

The extra crucial amongst us were murmuring for some time that the 2D Mario video games have perhaps turn out to be a bit of staid in how they give the impression of being (leaving us craving for one thing extra experimental like Yoshi’s Island). Smartly, Tremendous Mario Bros. Marvel delivers. Backgrounds have a fairytale-like high quality to them, inexperienced pipes come to lifestyles and move slowly alongside the bottom like caterpillars, and the sport even switches views to a decidedly unMariolike top-down view at issues.

Each unmarried bounce, each and every very best animation looks like a birthday celebration of the sequence’ singular personality, strengthened by means of some utterly surprising segments that mix song, mechanics, and visuals into one giant satisfied, trippy entire.

4 Hello-Fi Rush

Saturday morning cartoons, a nostalgic 2000s rock and commercial soundtrack, and scintillating rhythm motion mix for a cultured tour-de-force in Hello-Fi Rush that’ll shipping you again to lazy weekend mornings spent in entrance of a CRT TV (smartly, assuming you’re sufficiently old to have ever had a CRT TV).

Hello-Fi Rush transports you again to lazy weekend mornings spent in entrance of a CRT TV.

As you struggle transformer-like mechs in arenas of pleasingly number one colours, you’ll input hypnotic waft states as you bounce and destroy them with hero Chai’s robot arm to the sounds of 9 Inch Nails and The Prodigy. In between the motion, you’ll be handled to a fantastic tale delivered via great-looking cutscenes that hit house the original and fascinating Saturday morning caricature vibe.

Hello-Fi Rush

January 25, 2023

3 Lies Of P

Sure, the ‘Bloodborne however with robots’ moniker is also apt, which by means of default makes this grimdark Pinocchio Soulslike a bit of of a spinoff paintings (and sure, it does borrow an entire bunch extra from Bloodborne too). However while you get started enjoying, Lies of P asserts itself as its personal more or less beast, with spectacular enemy designs starting from marionettes held up by means of spectral strings to clanging ironclad robots in the hunt for to slice you in two.


10 Very best Soulslike Video games, Ranked

There are a number of Soulslike video games that recapture the similar magic whilst additionally introducing some cutting edge gameplay components.

Additionally, structure nerds will apply that the sport’s town of Krat isn’t within the Victorian-Gothic taste (like Bloodborne’s), however extra like French Baroque, evoking the Parisian ‘Belle Epoque’ length with its colonnades, huge home windows, and steely commercial bridges. It’s a grand, daunting, and unique surroundings to discover, and in fact no longer only a copycat of Bloodborne, thanks very a lot.

Lies of P

September 19, 2023

Neowiz Video games , Round8 Studio

2 The Legend Of Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom

The truth that graphically there wasn’t a lot additional that Tears of the Kingdom may pass at the Transfer {hardware}, and but it is controlled to create any such breathtaking spectacle, is testomony to Nintendo’s inventive features (no longer that they had been ever unsure).

As expressive because the sequence has ever been.

Ascending above the clouds to one of the most Sky Islands and shopping out over the floating rocks and constructions whilst the solar units within the distance is a factor to behold, and descending into the foreboding depths forces the thoughts to race at each and every danger simply out of sight. Up shut, that dreamy, sparing artwork design makes the sport’s enigmatic characters as expressive because the sequence has ever been. There may be a fantastic selection of moments on this recreation which may be snapshotted and framed to your wall, in what ranks as no longer handiest some of the stunning video games of 2023, however of all time.

1 Alan Wake 2

Let’s get it out the way in which that Alan Wake 2 is a hell of a looker, even within the purely graphical sense. Ray-tracing, trail tracing, surprising interactions between fog and light-weight. It’s stunning. But it surely wouldn’t have made height spot on our listing had been it no longer for the truth that it’s as a lot an inventive success as a graphical one.

The actual showstopper here’s Treatment’s use of FMV.

The twin settings of the Darkish Position—a noire, nightmarish twist on New York Town’s Occasions Sq.—and the Shiny Falls house—Pacific northwest small the town however full of Finnish other folks and… a coffee-themed theme park—are each full of memorable environments. The Darkish Position bodily transforms as Alan reveals new hooks to his tale, and the sport deftly shifts surroundings between cooky, campy moments, and uncooked spine-tingling horror.

However the true showstopper here’s Treatment’s use of FMV, which they’ve been toying with for years however in any case nailed right here. Actual-life performing overlaps with in-game graphics seamlessly, and that musical phase on my own looks like a wild, celebratory dance to Treatment’s success. They’ve shone a mild on how these items can paintings in combination, and now it’s as much as different devs to practice the beam.


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